Saturday, October 22, 2011

So where's my inspirational message?

An anonymous user commented on my very first blog..."where's my inspirational message?"  So, I thought I'd share what inspires me...

Fauja Singh, the 100 year old marathon runner, inspires me!  Fauja credits his vegetarian diet for his stamina and longevity.  It took him more than eight hours to cross the finish line!  His accomplishment inspires me.  "Spirit...has fifty times the strength and staying power of brawn and muscle".

My parents give me inspiration!  At 78 and 70, my Dad and Mom are happy, healthy and hard-working! My Dad keeps going...he never stops.  He puts up his own Christmas lights; he mows the lawn and landscapes the most beautiful gardens (every year since I can remember); he commutes 2-hours one-way to visit his grown children...often; he spends hours baking the famous family Christmas cookies each holiday season.  My parents both try to maintain an active lifestyle...they walk regularly at the local indoor track, and meet other active community members.  My parents are so giving!  They both worked so hard, and continue to give everything they have for their children.  They set an example for the four of us, showing us always unconditional love, teamwork, unselfishness, generosity and support.  They are always there for us (more than you can ever know) and they taught each of us to be good ourselves and to everyone we meet.  Everyone loves my Mom and Dad, and so do I!  Inspiration!

My husband inspires me!  Mike is amazing!  His positive thinking, positive attitude and rational thought are conductive to his success as a unique individual that everyone is immediately drawn to.  He anticipates happiness, joy, health and a positive outcome of every situation and action.  So much from him has rubbed off on me, but after 21 years of knowing him...I still continue to learn what comes so naturally to him.  I am so lucky to have someone so patient in my life, someone who stands by me...encourages me...loves me!  Mike inspires me to always visualize favourable and beneficial situations, even when negative thoughts and perceptions creep in.  He is the love of my life and my very best friend!  XO. favourite season inspires me!  The crisp, fresh air renews me.  A cozy sweater comforts me.  The colours of the falling leaves, so vibrant, make me feel happy inside and out!  A may have been born in the winter, but I live for the fall!  "Delicious autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking successive autumns."  Inspiration!

Music and dancing inspire me!  Music seems somehow the very essence...the very soul.  Where there is music...there is spirit!  Dancing expresses what cannot be said.  Music dwells inside of me...I feel it!  "Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!"  Music can change the world...  In John Lennon's Imagine, we were asked to imagine a place where things that divide people did not exist.  If you listen to it, you will see that much better place!  Inspiration!

Shoes inspire me!  A shoe to me means personality, character, attitude, sex, friendship, love, quality, comfort, passion...  "Not diamond, but heels are a girl's best friend."  Inspiration!
The sky inspires me!  Sunrise, sunset, clear blue, gloomy, threatening, dark, grey, cloudy, starry...  "We all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon."  Everyday the sky is different...a new painting, a recent photograph, an old memory, a vivid dream.  Like our moods, the sky is ever-changing, but there is always a new dawn...a new day!  Inspiration!

So, there you have it!  Some of my inspiration...  Anonymous also inspire me!  Your question inspired my response!  Your witty, friendly personality inspires me.  Your candidness inspires me.  Your determination inspires me.  Your dedication inspires me.  Your professionalism inspires me.  Your honesty inspires me.  You inspire me!  Thanks!

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