Friday, November 2, 2012

Nesting. Month 8 - October 2012.

"Nesting refers to an instinct or urge to prepare a home for the upcoming newborn(s).  It is commonly characterized by a strong urge to clean and organize one's home, and is one reason why couples who are expecting a baby often reorganize, arrange, and clean the house and surroundings."  Nesting Instinct
October was definitely a month of "getting ready".  From purchasing and receiving so much of what was instructions, to tools and LOADS of disinfecting and sanitizing.  We've been busy in the nest!

We were also overwhelmed by the generosity and support of others this month, as they also helped us to prepare the nest!

Early in October, I finally got to meet Phil's wife and son (Claire, and sweet baby-James).  I got the most useful baby supplies:  wipes, diapers, disposable change pads (who knew?), washcloths, etc.  I also got lullaby CDs, and I hear only great things about Jewel's CD.  Thank you so much, Noseworthy Family, for your thoughtfulness!!
My Mother-in-law bought me my baby shower outfit!  If you're ever in need for chic maternity apparel, be sure to visit Seven Women

On October 12th, Mike and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary!  Most of this day was spent planning and prepping for the best gift we could ever give each other...Fetus-Reali!  We brought both our vehicles in for the whole kit and caboodle!  We wanted to ensure that our rides were maintenanced and safe for our soon to be precious on-board cargo!  After that, I had a bi-weekly appointment with my OB.  That afternoon, we had our 2 baby car seats installed, 1 in each vehicle.  I would highly recommend Baby Car Seat Installers in Markham (  At first, I wondered if I was being silly looking to a professional for installation.  After all, how hard could it be?  However, Mike and I learned a lot (some things we didn't even think of) and received clear instruction, demonstrations and hands-on practice!  I feel confident that my seats are correctly installed, and it puts my mind at ease knowing I'm ready to take my baby on his/her first journey (home from the hospital)!  

On October 14th, I celebrated my big, fat, multicultural baby shower with 78 of my closest family and friends!  What a wonderful afternoon at the Rouge River Community Centre, overlooking the Autumn splendor of the Markham Green Golf Club!  I wish to acknowledge my beautiful hostesses:  my sister-in-law Maria, my sister-in-law Lisa, and my forever friend Kathy!  Without them, the event would not have been possible.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I want to thank everyone that came to celebrate and support me.  I am blessed, and truly grateful!  I was showered with so much love, generosity, thoughtfulness, wisdom and joy!  With everyone's help, I feel ready for the arrival of my first born. 
"In ordinary life we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than we give, and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich." 

On October 17th, my all-staff meeting turned out to be a semi-fake!  They fooled me!  It was a mini baby shower complete with games, gifts and cake!  Thank you CDP!  I was 34-weeks pregnant!

Mid-October, we started receiving and assembling baby gear:  Play-yard, Mamaroo, Monitor, Mattress, Diaper Bag, Crib Mobile, Wipes Case, Highchair, Infant Car Seat Frame, and the list goes on and on and on...

With finally a bit of time, we celebrated our anniversary during the 3rd weekend of October!  Friday night, we enjoyed dinner at The Melting Pot, a unique, interactive fondue dining experience (The Melting Pot).  We spent the rest of the weekend on a bit of an anniversary shopping spree!  I'm glad the two of us got this time to spend together before baby makes 3! 
The 4th week of October, I had my last bi-weekly appointment with my OB (GBS swab).  I also met with my Doula, Christin.  We talked about our birthing day, the birth plan, placenta encapsulation, being ready to bring baby home (nursery, support, etc.). 

On October 26th, my Markham Stouffville Hospital colleagues hosted a wonderful baby shower in my honour!  20 of us were together celebrating what they have all been waiting so long for!  It was a fun-filled evening of games, delicious food and dessert, beautiful gifts, thoughtful tokens and wise advice!  A special thanks to the 3 hostesses - Carol, Debbie and Marianne.  I'm in love with my Skip Hop Treetop Friends crib bedding set, the homemade nursery artwork (courtesy of Nancy) and all the other wonderful surprises of the night!  Since May, Carol has been cross-stitching a blanket for the baby, and she's still going...unbelieveable!! 
We celebrated Mike's birthday (October 29th) on Saturday and Monday!  I can tell you one thing, cake is not out of style!  Mike was born on a full-moon, and his birthday this year was a full-moon.  Fetus-Reali's due date is also a full-moon...interesting...
With Peter, Daniela and Melissa
With Cheryl, Lisa, Paolo, Cassandra, Christopher, Andre/Nicolas

On October 28th, Mike and I took a 4-hour Child Lifeline Workshop.  This informative, interactive class focused on choking, breathing and bleeding emergencies, seizures, falls, accidental poisoning, burns, CPR, First Aid and prevention.  The dynamic presenter made the content fun-filled and relative!  I'm confident I can retain this valuable information!

At the end of October, Halloween 2012, I am 36-weeks pregnant!  1 more week to be considered "full term" and 4 more weeks until my estimated due date.  I have chux pads in my car and on my bed...I'm ready to go...LOL!  I feel fantastic.  I'm full of fatigue.  I'm still wearing heels!  I have no aches, pains or pressure.  The only symptoms I am experiencing, which are very mild, are ankle swelling (when I'm not being a healthy eater that day) and the occasional heartburn flare!  Oh, I do feel the need to pee much more often!  I'm not waddling yet, no practice labour that I am aware of, and still no stretch marks (still using coconut oil daily)!  I have yet to experience any constipation, headaches, leg cramps, a protruding naval or back pain.  Pregnancy does my body good!  In saying that, I better sign-off and get that hospital bag packed! 


  1. I hate to ask, but what is placenta encapsulation?

    1. Baby's placenta, contained in capsule form, is believed to significantly reduce post-birth bleeding, encourage a quick and healthy milk supply, replenish essential hormones such as oxytocin and CRH, replenish essential nutrients such as Vitamin B6 and iron, reduce stress levels, prevent baby blues and post-partum depression, and increase energy. I will definitely blog about my experience when the time comes. I realize this is not for everyone.

  2. Hi Mary Jane, can you share your experience with placenta encapsulation? Did you have to inform the hospital beforehand? I am also delivering at MSH.