Saturday, May 19, 2012

Confirmation...I'm pregnant! Month 2 - April 2012

The day I took the pregnancy tests (March 29), I called my Family Doctor and made an appointment to confirm pregnancy.  On April 2nd, I went in for my blood test.  My Doctor also told me that my blood type was O-negative; therefore, Mike's blood type would have to be tested to determine Rh Factor.

On April 3rd, I got the call!  "Congratulations, Simone, you're pregnant"!  I was happy, scared, excited, nervous, shocked and still in a bit of disbelief!  My first baby is due to arrive on November 28, 2012!

We needed to share our news!  We wanted it to feel real!  We wanted to know we weren't dreaming!

The time of year was perfect.  It was Easter, and we'd be celebrating with our families that very long weekend!

On April 7th, we had Reali Easter.  We normally take a family picture just before sitting down to eat on special occasions.  Today was even more special!  So, we were all seated.  Mike was at the head of the table and told everyone to look at the camera for a picture.  Then he said, "Happy Easter...Simone is pregnant"!  It was a classic reaction, and I'll treasure these memories forever:

On April 8th, we had Bouchere Easter.  We did the same as above, but nobody in my family really believed Mike at first (except my nephew's girlfriend Polina).  They just started eating after Mike took the picture...LOL.  I can't say I blame them...they've been waiting for so long.  I'm trying the find the picture anyway, but can't seem to locate it...working on it!  My parents were over the moon.  My Dad has been waiting for this moment his whole life.  Although he has 3 beautiful, wonderful Grandchildren...I guess there's something about his only girl...his baby...having a baby!!  We also texted Paul, Joey and Alexis in Nova Scotia to share the wonderful news with them.

We received so much love that Easter long weekend...  Was it starting to feel real?  Yes...a little bit more!

On April 11th, Mike went for a blood test to determine his blood type.  On April 13th, the Doctor called and told us that Mike was A-positive.  So, we are Rh incompatible.  This means I will be given 2 Rh immune-globulin shots; one at 28 weeks and one 72 hours after the baby is born.  Rh immune-globulin acts like a vaccine, preventing the mother's body from producing any potentially dangerous Rh antibodies.

The rest of April, we had lots of social events scheduled with close friends.  We wouldn't have been able to hide the truth from some of our really close friends without them suspecting.  So, slowly...we let a few people in on our precious secret.

On April 14th, we had dinner with Victor, Kathy, Matthew Victoria and Sarah.  We hadn't seen each other in a long while, and everyone was excited.  Kathy was ready for a Margarita night...LOL!  She handed me my first Margarita, which I proposed a toast with before sharing with them that I was pregnant!  They're happiness and emotion was evident as they congratulated us on what was a big surprise and shock!!!  We enjoyed the rest of a great evening...

On April 18th, I was meeting up with my girlfriend Armanda at Starbucks.  She had a birthday gift for me, and I had a birthday gift for her daughter Sam.  We hadn't seen each other for months.  I've known Armanda for over 16 years and she has always asked me when I was going to have kids.  With each of her 3 kids, she expressed how great it would be if we could be pregnant at the same time.  Although it didn't work out quite like she had hoped, she was elated by the news of a baby Reali on the way.

On April 22nd, Marc, Joanna, Dexter and Bonnie (along with my brother and sister-in-law) came over for a BBQ.  It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and the drinks were flowing.  I also got a beautiful birthday gift...pearl earrings and a bottle of Jameson...LOL.  Again, I couldn't hide it.  I was just about to spill, but Marc guessed it before I could reveal.  LOL.  He knows me so well.  They were ecstatic.  Like the rest of the world, they have been waiting for this moment so long.

On April 26th, I had plans to go to the movies (The Lucky One) with Lindsay, Erin, Joanna and Tonya.  The following weekend, we were all going away on a girls' weekend.  I had to tell them, because this girls' weekend (for me) was going to be totally different than any other that came before.  I must be sounding like a lush at this point...LOL.  There was no way I could hide not drinking on a 4-day girls' weekend up north.  I was nervous...I had to get it out quick.  "I have to get this over with...I'm pregnant"!  Erin let out a scream, there were tears welling up in eyes and hugs came from all around.

Then, on April 27th, I thought I could fool them!  And, I did...ha!!!  I had a dinner evening with Laurissa, Chris, Fiona and Karen.  I had my whiskey flask in my purse, and I pulled it out like I would any other time.  All night, I "pretended" to take swigs from my Jameson flask.  LOL.  They bought it...I pulled it off.  Wouldn't they be later surprised??  Love them!

On April 29th, Mike and I tied-up month 2 by attending The BabyTime Show at the International Centre.  He was a great sport, and a great support.  We were overwhelmed by all the "stuff" we needed to think about and "things" we would have to get.  We wondered if we were given these 9 months so that we could wrap our heads around all this.  We enjoyed taking it all in and went away with lots of samples, and lots of information to later peruse.  Oh, and I entered lots of contests...I remember telling Mike that I felt lucky!  We ended the afternoon with a picnic lunch in the parking lot, watching the planes at Pearson take-off and land overhead!  Our spirits soared just as high!

In April, it was beginning to feel real.  We felt the love, support and happiness of those closest to us. We're expecting a beautiful baby!  Wow!


  1. Tears of happiness are rolling down my cheeks.
    Love you guys!

  2. Proud to be part of your joyous 9 month experience ! You will be a Fab mom and I am sure this little bundle will be a pure delight !!! Keep me in the know ...xox
    Wee Bobby, Lil Angel and Aud

  3. Glad you're here with me, ladies!